Referral Network

We have a large network of corporate referrals from our past clients. We have worked with Chairmen of the Boards, CEO’s, CFO’s, Directors and other high ranking individuals of major U.S. and U.S based International Companies. We have also worked with many venture capitalists, investment bankers, personal bankers, entertainment industry leaders, major auto dealers, real estate developers, home builders, agriculture leaders, educators, etc. Here are some of the companies represented by the individuals we have either represented as buyers or sellers and who have been providing us with referrals over the years.


Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Intuit, HP, Apple, YouTube, Cisco Systems, Yelp, Square Inc., Go Daddy, Salesforce, Applied Materials, Full Power Technologies, Light Surf Technologies, Plantronics, Starfish Software Inc., Genesis Microchip, Inc., Matrix Semiconductor, iCompression, Vertafore, Abovenet Communications, Inc., Lucent Technologies, Brocade, Borland, Microsoft, Vuemix Technology, Good Technology, Starcite, Lytro


Visa, Met Life Funds, New York Life, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Citi Group, Smith Barney, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Panorama Capital, Cygnus Capital, Commerce One, Accel Partners, Main Management LLC, Kipling Capital, Tiburon Capital, Tennenbaum Capital, Union Property Capital, Sequoia Capital, Merrimak Capital, Greylock Partners, Follett Investments, Cross Link Capital, Latitude Capital Partners, Capital World Bond Fund, PF Growth, Robert McNeil Management, Koch Industries, Dresdner RCM Global Investors, Yarborough Limited Hong Kong, GSA VC Advisory Council, SunCap, Pennisula LP, Coherent Inc., AmBiz Associates, UBS, BT Global Services, LLC, Northshore Partners, LLC


DMB Associates, Ryder Homes, Larkspur Hospitality, Waste Connections, Dean Hall Construction, Bridgeway Marine Corp, Stonesfair Corp,


Blockbuster, Costco, Gap, NorthFace, Nike,, Magnussen Auto Group, Dublin Toyota, Chevron, Kestrel USA, Vanity Fair, Tesla


Sunwest Foods, Travaille Pippin Almond Growers, Blue Diamond Almonds, Tri –G Farms, Granular,

Other Industry

Squaw Valley Ski Corporation, The Pasha Group, Live Nation, Signatures Network, Tenured Professors of Economics and Law at University of California Berkeley, Bernstein Investment Research, Peak Potentials Training, PacAm Group, Lightyear Consulting, Five Prime Therapeutics, XO Jet, SLS International, Inc., Everloop